Aspects of Modernization

Aspects of Modernization: There are different aspects related to modernization as we said above, i.e., social, cultural, political or economical.


  • Social Aspects: The first aspect of modernization is the social point. With modernization changed the setting style and designs of the products one uses in their daily lives. With modernization, we have newspapers, television and even the mobile to tell us about the news and what is happening in and around us. The comfort level of one person has increased on an immense level after the introduction of these gadgets. From rural areas, people have shifted to more urban sectors for better living. People are not only restricted to their homes for the profession but are going out and exploring.


  • Economic Aspect: Nowadays we have several means to pay for something we are buying, or we want to start from online bank transfer to cash on delivery to even card payments. The wages of everyday workers are now fixed, and they are paid regularly and properly for their hard work. Communication systems have developed quite a lot now that everything is digital and the telephones are reaching even to different continents. Storage is much easier now that everything is technologically developed and happens in a much more organized


  • Cultural Aspect: We have often heard our grandparents talk about their traditions and cultures and what they used to do. Things have changed immensely from what their times looked like. Be it about the education, be it about the food or be about the clothing. Everything has been modernized and made in a new shell. They might not even agree with the new thought regarding culture this generation has, so this is one of the strongest aspects.


  • Political Aspect: This is primarily as a result of the combined results of social and the economic aspects since they took their first steps in those aspects. The people described the political modernization in a way that it was everything from social and economic along with three other elements. They are a rationalization of authority, different structures, and expansion of the number that participate in politics. This whole thing changed the definition of politics for the country, and it was louder than ever.

These are the four main aspects that brought the major change in the society after modernization hit us. We need to know the difference between before and now so that we can choose the right!